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I haven't been to this journal in over a year and a half, roughly guesstimating.

Since the last time I posted:

-I've learned to read and say hiragana and katakana
-joined a sketch group
-got rid of a good chunk of junk in my room
-got an iPhone
-FINALLY got high speed internet (OMG YAY)
-tried Paleo but fell off
-learned to make a hand ocarina
-got below 150 lbs

And probably some other things.

I can't say if I'll come back but it's possible, especially since obtaining a faster connection.

Current Mood: exhausted

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I want to say that for anyone who knows me, they know that Japan has always been rather close to me. I've never been there, it's true, but I don't think I have to in order to feel even an iota of richness that it holds.

It has been a place that I have dreamed of going to visit and it's had a lot of influence on me in general. I may just be a small town country girl but so many of what I'm passionate about has come from this country.

And now it really does sadden me, to a deep place in my heart, to know that today so many people were killed and countless others, having their homes and things and memories and livelihood destroyed. I pray that those that are alive stay that way and can get to safety and I hope those unaffected will find a safe place or at least go and help if help is possible. I hope that other areas of the country stay safe and intact. 

I'm glad chochajin is safe (as she is the only person I know personally who lives in Japan.)

I'm really confused and shocked right now. The magnitude of the destruction is something I still don't quite comprehend as news reports come in.

I usually can stay somewhat disconnected to these things for the most part. And I don't care if this makes me seem like a Japanophile. I'm not ashamed to say that I enjoy a lot of things about Japan and it's culture (though I can acknowledge and accept it's flaws, just like I can with my own country.) 

Again, I hope and pray people can stay safe.

Current Mood: indescribable

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